Initiated in 1987 we have been striving for a sole purpose only as it states in our holy Qur’an:

“O people of Imaan Eat of the pure things (Halal) that We provided you, and be grateful to Allah” (AL-BAQARAH 2:172)

The basic principle is that all things created by God are permitted, with a few exceptions that are specifically prohibited.

To decree lawful and unlawful is the right of God alone. No human being, no matter how pious or powerful, may take this into his hands. Falsely representing unlawful as lawful is prohibited. It is unlawful to legalize God's prohibitions by excuses.

Prohibiting what is permitted by God and permitting what is prohibited by God is similar to imputing partners with God.

HCS is striving to totally eradicate the doubts of haram by;

  • Continuous improvement of our own halal system;
  • Thorough checks of the certified facilities;
  • Maintaining the strictest criteria for universal acceptability;
  • Obtaining international recognition based on professionalism.
  • This will result in substantial growth of the local industries as many countries will import Swiss products with a guarantee that they are halal certified.

Thus follows:

  • The most important and indeed the pre-eminent party in this relationship and in this trade is Allah, since it is His laws, which are being adhered to and upheld.
  • By certifying a product as halal it means the product has been properly supervised and it meets all the halal requirements and regulations at all stages of production and processing. HCS Certification instils confidence in the customer that he is buying a halal product. Muslim consumers living in importing countries can verify from their own halal authority that the certifying agency in the exporting country is a legitimate Islamic organization with the standing, reputation, and authority to certify halal products.