Important Terms

The Arabic word “Halal” implies that which is ‘lawful’ for consumption by Muslims (or any Halal Consumers).

“Haram” means ‘unlawful’ or ‘prohibited’ according to Islamic Law.

“Najs” regards foods that are themselves ‘impure’ and that cannot be cleaned.

“Mashbooh” means ‘suspected’. If Halal food consists of that which is deemed a suspected or unlawful (Haram) ingredient, the item becomes wholly unlawful.

“Tayyeb” is synonymous with ‘purity’ and ‘quality’, that which is safe and wholesome. Muslims are religiously mandated to consume only Halal and Tayyeb.

-> Thus most foods are considered to be Halal unless found to be or containing doubtful or Non-Halal ingredient(s)