Requirement for Food Production

A recognised Islamic institutional authority should take all responsibilities for halal certification services.

The institution itself nominates competent persons, who supervise and conduct audit of the factory, the production sites, and production lines as well as monitoring all incoming raw materials periodically, as required.

The product, the production line and/or factory must be supervised, audited and a rapport is furnished by the competent auditors of the institutional authority certifying (i.e. the Islamic Centre, a mosque). The certifying authority issues the requested “halal certificate,” after studying and discussing the rapport of Auditor, when all necessary halal requirements are fulfilled. Halal Certificate is a religious verdict (Fatwa).

A Halal certificate must always accompany all animal raw materials. This halal certificate should be issued to slaughterhouse, at the spot, on the request of a responsible for such a product by a local Islamic institutional authority (an Islamic Centre or a mosque), which is authorized and legalized accordingly.

For the production of pure and halal food products (for new production factory) a Halal conforming production line should be installed accordingly. A complete separation of the Halal line or a separation of some parts of the factory is necessary to cope with the requirements depending on the situation. The line should be audited and certified periodically through a competent person from an authorized Islamic institutional office.

The safety and quality conditions of production processes should be kept strictly controlled. Any cross-contamination should be strictly avoided.

The packaging and storage possibilities should remain under stringent conditions, and regular audits are mandated.

Halal production possibilities:
The summary of the above, allows the following conclusion:
  • The whole factory can be changed to halal production;
  • A part of the factory can be changed for halal production (the inspection and control in both situations should be executed by a qualified and authorised person);
  • Halal production is abandoned totally.