Halal Products

Halal food products are:

  • Which are produced using clearly verified Halal raw materials and equipment.
  • Which are derived from permitted animals and those which have been slaughtered in accordance with the Islamic codes and are declared “pure.”
  • Which are produced from and with sea animals (sea animals, most of them are considered principally Halal in Islam and they do not need to be slaughtered.
  • Which are neither products of alcohol, nor contain any alcoholic component.
  • Vegetable foods are basically halal, as long as the production strictly follows the Halal rules and no fermentation has started yet.
  • In order that the products remain halal, only halal products should be produced on these particular halal production lines (this requires separate production lines).
  • The production lines can be brought to halal conformity only once, or they should be
  • constructed as such. A regular changing from ‘Haram (filthy and not permitted) to Halal’ and the reverse does not fulfil the requirements and is not allowed. (exception is only permitted by unintentional leakage). The same applies to the cooking utensils.
  • The intention to produce halal must be clearly visible and should be followed as long as a change in the production policy is decided. The certifying body must be informed, in case of any change in production policy or discontinuance of Halal production, whatsoever the reason may be.