Raw Material

  • Animal raw materials are only halal, as long as it is derived from permitted animals and those have been slaughtered according to Islamic jurisdiction. Sea animals are an exception.
  • The following animal raw materials are Haram (unpermitted, and prohibited): Meat from dead animals, blood, meat from pig, the meat from permitted animals, which have not been slaughtered in the prescribed manner and the name of Allah (s.t.) is not provoked before or during the process of slaughtering. The meat of wild and carnivorous animals as well as wild birds with claws is also prohibited.

  • Vegetable raw materials are considered halal as long as no fermentation has takes place and no suspicious additives are used before and/or during the production process. The requirements should to be observed strictly.
  • Alcohol, in any form or concentration, is haram and absolutely forbidden.
  • All animal raw materials used in the production of food should have been derived from halal animals and those must have also been slaughtered according to Islamic law and are accompanied by a halal certificate.
Slaughtering process according to Islamic law:

  • The aim of the Islamic rules for slaughtering is to end the life of an animal in a sympathetic, quick and possibly in a painless manner.
  • The slaughter must take place in the name of Allah (s.w.t.).
  • During the slaughtering process, the neck arteries, veins and the trachea of the animal must be cut through. Whole Blood must flow out. The neck (spinal cord) should not be cut through before removing the skin and opening the bally.
  • Every sane practising Muslim whoever understands Islamic law and follows it, can perform the slaughtering; is trained for the process, and is able to execute it in the proper manner, is free to do so.
  • The Islamic slaughtering is a purification process, by which only animals permitted by the Islamic law can be purified in the name of Allah (s.w.t.). Sea animals are pure and Halal, from Islamic point of view. A slaughtering of these animals is not necessary.
  • The Islamic slaughtering (Zabiha) is not allowed Switzerland. Therefore any halal raw materials halal food and nutritional products must be imported from foreign countries. A ‘Halal certificates’ issued by the authorised Islamic institutional bodies in the respective countries should therefore accompany these halal products.