Halal certification is a "religious" emphasized quality certification of any product, stating that, it:

  • Complies to a set of standard given by Qur'an and Sunnah;
  • Is fit for consumption;
Let me clarify why we don't speak of human consumption only?

Halal is a whole concept. If we want to understand its implementation in the different aspects of life, we would realize that it often goes beyond our common understanding of Halal.

For example if we look into Meat. Everybody knows that only Meat of an animal, which is slaughtered according to the Shariah rulings is considered Halal. Besides that he should also belong to the category of permitted animals.

But going deeper, we realize that only an animal, which is feed properly, meaning with permissible and non-hazardous components, shall be considered for Halal slaughtering.

Halal certification is a voluntary certification attesting any product to be compliant with the Islamic shariah laws.

Some Muslim countries make it obligatory for the incoming goods to be halal certified.

Where not required, it could be a useful and appreciated marketing instrument and an ultimate guarantee to thousands of Muslim consumers with increasing concerns towards food quality and safety.