Benefits of Certification

A halal certified product which bears a third party halal logo gives the consumer the assurance that an independent body has made a thorough analysis of all the used ingredients and has decreed the product to be complaint to the stringent Halal standards.

Benefits for the producers:

  • The independent third party Halal quality certification is a valued step by conscientious consumers.


  • With the review of the products, the ingredients, the preparation, the storage and the processing, the hygiene and sanitation procedures by our experts, the whole manufacturing undergoes a thorough process of inspection and verification. The confidentiality is naturally maintained.

Once a product meet our standards a halal certificate is issued. Once the product is certified, permission is granted to display the HCS certification logo, on the product packaging and label. This is a valuable assurance that the product is an authentic HCS halal-certified product meeting the highest quality of halal certification available anywhere in the world.

Summarizing, one can say, the benefits are:

  • Tapping into a quarter of world’s population provides a lucrative export opportunity for any producer to the global Halal market. With a total global Muslim population of nearly 1.8 billion, the Halal market is currently estimated to be worth approximately US$300 billion.


  • Since Halal certification is not mandatory, a competitive advantage is gained over companies with no Halal compliance.


  • Halal certification imposes strict personal sanitation requirements in addition to manufacturing premise hygiene practices, complimentary to the HACCP program.