In 2007 we were approached by the food technologist school in W├Ądenswil, Switzerland, asking us if we could educate the on-going food technologists on the basics of halal certification procedure.

We happily took up the challenge and have developed since then a training session for the students which gives them an overview on the critical points, which should be adressed to ensure the food production meets the islamic dietary laws.

The overwhelming response by the responsible teaching staff and the students, has encouraged us to continously enhance and upgrade our educational training programme which is already running in its 3rd year.

Our training module offers the students an overview on the basic requirements of the halal food production and enables them to understand the implementation of the standard in the food industry.

Starting off with a basic definition of halal and haram and the relevant references in Qur'an and Sunnah, we elaborate which preconditions a raw material should fulfill. Apart from that we discuss the requirments for the procurement and storage of the raw materials, their production, labelling and transport of the finished product.

These students are valuable assets for the future halal industry, as enabling them to understand the key elements of halal production will help the industry to learn from their knowledge and work effectively towards implementation of the halal standards.

Our training programme has become a strong pillar of our halal services.