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A global recognition
HCS is a member of the World Halal Food Council and is officially recognized from renowned bodies from around the world such as MUI (Indonesia), JAKIM (Malaysia) and MUIS (Singapore).
3 decades of expertise
HCS is operating since 1987 to assist ingredients, food products, pharmaceutical and cosmetic manufacturers to cater the Halal market needs. Halal Certification Services endeavours to provide a high quality service made in Switzerland.
A proven process
Our Halal Assurance System (HAS), in line with ISO 17065, has been established to assist professionals to meet the Halal requirements. This proven process assures Muslim consumers access to Halal products and services.
What does Halal mean?
Halal is an Arabic term designating any object or an action which is permissible to use or engage in, according to the Islamic law. The term is widely used to designate food ....