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Halal Certification Schemes

Halal certification Services (HCS) offers 6 types of Halal certification schemes to suit the various categories of products and services:

Food Products

  • Ingredients
  • Products
  • H1-Lubricants


  • Ingredients
  • Vaccines
  • Packaging


  • Ingredients
  • Finished Products


  • Financial
  • Logistics

Animal Feed

  • Ingredients
  • Feed Products


  • Water Filters
  • Packaging
  • Medicinal Products

Benefits of HCS Halal certification

Due to the more conscious approach of Muslim customers to their purchases, Halal certification has become a must to access the global Halal market. The number of Muslims is expected, in 2060 to make up more than 31.1% of the world’s people.

Halal Certification Services (HCS) is a trusted and renowed Halal Certification Body. Our Halal certificates allow access to the Global Halal market and our logo is the assurance for consumers that the product respect their beliefs.