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HCS is one of the most respected Halal authorities. We are regularly invited to share our experience at international meetings.
In addition, very serious journals frequently mention our work.


How Halal is done in Switzerland

Halal made in Switzerland

Bei Halal dreht es sich nicht bloss ums Fleisch

Halal-Regeln der islamischen Rechtsschulen

Golden halal opportunity beckons at heart of Islamic world

in-cosmetics celebrates 25th anniversary with record-breaking attendance in Barcelona 

Halal: accessing the untapped $30Billion pharma market

Thailand Halal Assembly 2015 opens with great interest of participants

Mit Halal-Zertifizierung neue Märkte erschliessen

Halal-Produkte mit zunehmender Bedeutung

Changing the Face of the Beauty industry by Sustainable Development

Muslims regularly consuming Haram without knowing: expert



DLG-Symposium Halal-Produkte: Ein Markt rückt in den Fokus


Gastvortrag Halal

Sustainable Cosmetics Summit Europe 

Starch World Mideast 2014

Naturkosmetik Branchenkongress 2015

La cosmétique halal et sa certification

Schweizer Firmen richten Blick auf Halal-Markt

Halal Makeup: With soaring demand it is now a $20bn industry




Halal-Kosmetik wird zum Pflegetrend

Halal makeup becoming popular in industry

Halal makeup: Muslim beauty without the beast


HASIB 2012, Competitive Competency of Muslims in Global Halal Market, 13-15.10.2012

Halal Congress ME Sharjah, Halal Certified – Mark of Quality Assurance, 10-11.12.2012

International Halal Assurance Seminar 2011, Marketing Halal Products in Europe

World Halal Assembly 4 June 2014, Upcoming Challenges and Opportunities in Halal

World Halal Assembly (HASIB 2014), Challenges faced by Halal Certification bodies operating in Non-Muslim Countries

Halal Congress Middle East 2014, Halal Certified – finally succeeded and now?

Pakistan Halal Industry, Faletti‘s Lahore, 10th – 11th March 2015, Success factors of Major Suppliers in Global Halal Supply Chains, Key Success Factors (KSF)/Lessons for Pakistan

Strengthening Halal Eco – Tourism Industry Development: A Global Perspective, Philippines Halal Assembly, 4.6.2015

ICIS Conference: Food Grade Lubricants, 23.9.2014, Complying with religious dietary standards for Halal approved food grade lubricants

Cosmetics International Congress, Paris, 7th December 2015, Halal Cosmetics requirements in the Middle East Countries Emerging Halal Certification

Sustainable Cosmetics Summit, Paris, 23rd October 2015, Halal Cosmetics and personal care products Emerging Ethical Labels

Spa and Wellness Management Summit, 27th May 2015, Halal-Cosmetics Enabling new market access with Halal Certification

InCosmetics Barcelona 2015, Halal-Cosmetics and personal care Enabling new market access with Halal Certification

50 Shades of Cosmetics, 33. Winterseminar in Davos, 27. Januar 2015, Schweizer "Halal"-kosmetik Grundlagen, Chancen & Herausforderungen eines vernachlässigten Marktes

Naturkosmetik Branchenkongress 2015, Berlin, 7. Oktober 2015, Halal-Zertifizierung fur Rohstoffe und Kosmetikprodukte

CPhI Pharma Insight Conference, Paris 8th October 2014, Halal Pharma: Discover what it takes to tap into this undiscovered market

DLG Halal Seminar, Frankfurt, 8. Mai 2012, Qualitätsmanagement bei Halal Produktion

DLG Halal Seminar, Frankfurt, 7. Mai 2012 Wichtige Player in der islamischen Welt

DLG-Tagung „Halal in der Lebensmittelindustrie, ANUGA 7 Oktober 2013 Gibt es wirklich verschiedene Halal-Richtlinien?

Kongress Lebensmitteltechnologie 2012.27.-29. September -Dresden, Der Weg zur Halalzertifizierung: Grundlagen, Probleme, Märkte und Chancen

Food Future Day 14 Mai 2013, Osnabrück Halalzertifizierung: Der etwas andere Qualitätsstandard

GDL Kongress Lebensmitteltechnolgie 2014 Halalzertifizierung: einfach erklärt

International Halal Accreditation Forum, Istanbul 2013, Past, current and future challenges in Halal Certification from a global perspective

Fachtagung für Rindfleischerzeuger, Regierungspräsidium Karlsruhe, Donnerstag 8.11.2012 Halal-konforme Rindfleischerzeugung

FiE 2011: Consumer Trends 2012, Understanding the Halal market

Zert.Forum Food: 13. Juli 2011 Hamburg, Halal: Markt der Zukunft

AnugaFoodTec 26th March 2015, Halalzertifizierung der Lebensmittelrohstoffe

AnugaFoodTec 26th March 2015 Two easy steps to achieve your Halal Certification

Erlenbacher Backwaren GmbH 13th April 2015, Halalzertifizierung der Lebensmittelrohstoffe und Produkte

Ethik und Verantwortung in der Lebensmittelwirtschaft, Gerlingen, 4. November 2015, Halal Zertifizierung: Warum ist Halal nicht immer Halal?

SweetTec, Solingen, 30. September 2015, Bedeutung für Halalzertifizierung für Süsswaren

Global Food Summit, London 25th September 2014, Halal Market Evolution: Leveraging the Trends and Emerging Opportunities of this Segement

Food Expo, Athens Greece, 21st March 2016 Two easy steps to achieve your Halal Certification

Detrop, Thessaloniki 27th February 2015, Religious Certification and Export of food stuff and ingredients

IHK Hannover 5. März 2015, Halal in der Schweiz

IHK Hannover 5. März 2015, Herausforderungen an Halal Zertifizierungsstellen in Nicht-muslimische Länder

IHK Hannover 5. März 2015, CEN Project

Schlachtbetrieb Zürich 15.03.2016, Halal-konforme Fleischerzeugung

HASIB 2013, Hotel Sukosol, Bangkok, Thailand, Update on Global Halal Standard varieties

FI, Istanbul 15th May 2015, Understanding the latest trends and opportunities in Halal Food Production

StarchWorld Middle East, Istanbul 3rd-4th November 2014, Halal critical points for starch production and getting certified in new markets

Global Halal Congress, 4th December 2010, Karachi, Types of Alcohol and their use in food Industry

Europäisches Halalkonferenz Düsseldorf 2010, Technik und Wissenschaft im Zertifizierungsprozess

5th International Conference on Food, Agriculture & Livestock Benefits & Challenges of Halal Production

Gearing up Pakistani entrepreneurs to meet Halal market demands

2010 WHASIB Phuket, Application of Halal Sciences and Technology for Halal Accreditation and Certification

Oberbüren, Halal Was ist das?

SAN – AGM Meeting, Park Hyatt 28th January 2015, Unwinding the Mystery around Halal: Market trends, Challenges and Opportunities

MHHORHMM Future Meat Gallery 16th September 2015 Halal or Haram: Religious restrictions of insect eating in Arab world

Country presentation during World Halal Congress December 2 – 4 2010, Bangkok

World of Halal Conference 2011 Marketing Halal Products in Europe

Universität Bonn MA-L-07 Qualitätsmanagement in der Agrar- und Ernährungswirtschaft

Freitag 30 Januar 2015 Halalkonforme Lebensmittel

Halal und koscher – Chancen für neue Märkte, Agrarjournalist GmbH

Revitalizing Halal Certification Industry & taking it to the next level, 12.4.2016, 5th International Halal Conference & Exhibition, Lahore